Welcome to PureGlo

PureGlo is a brand within the Highfields Group of companies which deals in predominantly large scale plumbing and installation projects. We specialise in the installation of biomass heating systems fuelled by wood pellets or wood chip, and can deliver turnkey projects in this specialised and growing field, drawing from our experience in the field which has been developed since the company was started in 2006.

Our team of forward thinking consultants and engineers provide innovative tailored heating solutions and an exceptional level of service at every stage from initial consultation to post installation support and energy supply. The result is that our customers enjoy the benefits of a turnkey system delivering significant savings in fuel costs and carbon emissions compared with fossil fuel installations.

Energy Centres

PureGlo design and install heat delivery systems using boilers fuelled by wood pellets, chip or logs. Boilers can be linked to an existing central heating system, or be installed with a tailored heating system, as a cost effective replacement for an oil, LPG or gas boiler. Energy centres give a benefit where there is no available internal space, as they can be made in a footprint as small as 2m2 and be clad to match most exteriors. This system also helps to avoid disruption to heating during installation, as backup boilers can be left in situ, as they will not require removal in order to site the biomass system. This is often a preferred option for funded boilers, as the containerised system allows for some mobility, if in future there is potential for removal/sale of the system.

Biomass can be used in residential situations from domestic up to major developments and large public buildings, to major heat output processes e.g. distillery or painting processes, greenhouse heating, and agricultural applications such as poultry or pig house heating, grain drying, timber drying etc. Our job is to tailor the installation to suit the customer.

Energy Supply Contracts

We currently offer a package of energy supply and maintenance on qualifying installations of medium to large scale boilers. This option is available where the outright purchase of the boiler and installation is not desired, perhaps due to ageing existing boilers and no wish to spend on renewing equipment. In this option we offer the customer the boiler and installation free of charge. They receive the benefits of biomass with a reduced fuel bill and green credentials for their business without the capital outlay, but will be required to sign a usage contract and lease of the area where the installation is situated. Ownership of the installation is retained by PureGlo, and we claim the RHI for an agreed term, after which the boiler will be given, free of charge, to the user. These packages are tailored according to the use of the boiler.

District Heating Systems

PureGlo design and install community and District Heating Systems. These enable multiple properties to be supplied with hot water and central heating from a single energy centre, with heat distributed through a network of pre-insulated underground pipes. District heating systems offer benefits for both the owner of the installation and the users of heat. The owner can offer heat to the users at a reduced cost per kilowatt hour to their usual form of heat, and in turn the users give a contribution toward the cost of fuel. This often makes it the most profitable form of installation for those looking to make the most of the RHI, because the properties can be individually metered and charged.

Servicing and Maintenance Packages

Servicing and Maintenance packages are not solely available to installations completed by PureGlo. We offer our services for most standard boiler types. We remotely monitors installations - where the technology is available - for any error codes, so issues are often responded to before the loss of heat is noticed on the site. Our engineers are based nationwide with vans fully stocked with parts and tools to minimise downtime.

Service Contract prices vary with boiler location and use. Boilers working constantly require less maintenance than those in stop-start use due to their self-cleaning mechanism, whereas those working in cycles are more prone to ash build-up.