Boiler Types and Heat Distribution

PureGlo works alongside a number of boiler manufacturers in order to cater to every preference and budget. This includes pellet specific, multifuel, wood chip and log gasification boilers. We also provide feed systems for those which can be automated Request a Brochure

We also design the heat distribution system to best suit the project, if there is no existing wet heating system or it is unsuitable for the use. This includes under-floor heating, blown air heaters of various sizes and designs, finned pipe and more use-specific systems such as farrowing mats and heated canopies. Each have benefits applicable to different purposes, please see below for details.

Finned Piping

Recommended method of heat transfer for a non-invasive system

The increased surface area of the rows of fins heats the surrounding air, which circulates naturally through convection and can be used for multiple applications

When placed in front of vents, the directly heats the inflow of air drying it before it reaches the shed floor

This method has an even distribution and minimised dust build up associated with blown air

2.5" finned piping in a poultry shed

Blown Air Heaters

The alternative of blown air is a more traditional option in poultry sheds and for drying, working in a similar way to oil or LPG systems using hot water heat transfer from the biomass boiler

This method therefore means none of the emissions are associated are with fossil fuels

2.5" finned piping in a poultry shed

Other wet heat transfer systems may require more specialist systems

Twin Piping

Heated Farrowing Mats

Heated Canopies

SuperFlo AGRO Heaters

  • Specifically designed to be used within agricultural environments where high levels of dust and air contaminants are present
  • Both casing and internal heat exchanger are manufactured from high quality stainless steel and LCE coated aluminium, suitable for high pressure jet washing
  • Reduces heating cost due to minimising ventilation requirement
  • Reduces NH–∑ emission from the litter
  • Easy to clean & washable