Case Studies

86no WES and ETA containers installed on Lincolnshire poultry farm sites (single project)

Annual RHI IncomeOver £2million
Payback PeriodApprox 5 years
Timescale8 months
Additional Benefit"Green Stamp" on poultry products

18no. 193kW installations of 100 & 93kW cascaded wood chip and pellet boilers (single project)

Annual RHI Income£383,446
Payback Period2.1 years
Timescale2 months
Additional BenefitTwo boilers cascaded together offer eachother a backup heat supply

2no 199kW boilers heating a painting and coatings facility

Annual RHI Income£39,746
Project value after CapEx and OpEx£803,048
Payback Period2.9 years
Timescale1 week to become RHI ready, 2 more weeks to completion

200kW Biomass heating system with Air Handling Unit used for drying grain

Annual RHI Income£19,873
Project value after CapEx and OpEx£307,095
Payback Period4.8 years
TimescaleMade RHI ready within 1 week, completed in 1 additional week

5no 199kW biomass boilers heating 9no poultry sheds

Annual RHI Income£88,905
Payback Period5.8 years
Timescale1 week to make RHI ready, 2 weeks to complete the installation

1no 85kW biomass cabin heating a children’s day nursery and domestic residence

Annual RHI Income£9,382
Payback Period5.2 years
Timescale1 week

2no. 199kW Eco-Cabins supplying heat to game hatcheries

Annual RHI Income£39,746
Payback Period4.3 years
Timescale1.5 weeks

1no 150kW Eco-Cabin heating a pig rearing unit

Annual RHI Income£16,556
Project value after CapEx and OpEx£183,718
Payback Period5.7 years
Timescale4 days

1no 199kW ETA Energy Cabin heating a care home facility

Annual RHI Income£19,873
Payback Period6.4 years
Timescale5 days

1no 199kW biomass boiler heating a workshop, pig rearing unit and farmhouse

Annual RHI Income£21,965
Project value after CapEx and OpEx£416,691
Payback Period3.5 years
TimescaleThe retro fit took less than 1 week

4no 199kW biomass boilers heating 4no poultry sheds

Annual RHI IncomeOver £90,000
Payback Period4 years
TimescaleEach project took less than 1 week

3no biomass boilers (18-40kW) used for biomass boiler training in Retford

Annual RHI Income£7,379
Payback Period5 years
TimescaleInstalled in 5 days

199kW biomass boiler heating a Nursing home in Wales

Annual RHI Income£10,930
Payback Period7.4 years
TimescaleInstalled in 1 week

250kW District Heating installation and energy centre heating 11 houses & flats

Annual RHI IncomeInstalled prior to RHI
CO2 Saved per Annum95 tonnes
Timescale3 weeks

One 197kW and one 199kW biomass boilers curing onions and heating a workshop, offices and dwelling

Annual RHI Income£41,425
Payback Period3.2 years
TimescaleEach installation took less than 1 week

1 Megawatt district heating system heating 8 poultry houses

Total RHI Income£2,840,000
Timescale4 weeks

85kW boiler heating a Medical Centre

Annual RHI Income£9,829
Payback Period2.4 years
TimescaleThe installation took 6 days

One 199kW Log Gasification boiler powering a log drying kiln

Annual RHI Income£22,487
Payback Period1.4 years
TimescaleLess than 1 week